New to Mysore/Ashtanga

What is Mysore-

Mysore class is a self-led, independent practice in a group setting and is the traditional method of teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa. The teacher will give personal instruction and adjustments during class to each individual as they move through their practice as they see fit. Due to the format of this teaching style it is possible for an advanced student to practice alongside a beginning student and each to practice a sequence that is appropriate for them individually. Students move at their own pace and to the rhythm of their own breath with the support of others doing the same. 

You can come in to practice at anytime during the designated class hours as there is no formal time when class begins (there is no led group verbal instruction). The Ashtanga series are memorized over time, and taught in a sequential way (adding one or perhaps up to three poses on at a time) that naturally build flexibility, strength, stamina and focus needed to move on to the next pose or part of the series. 

How to Begin:

We welcome those new to Mysore – beginners, established practitioners of other yoga schools, and those with absolutely no prior experience with yoga.

If you would like to observe a Mysore class to get a sense for how it flows before attending, feel free to drop by or email us at [email protected] with any questions.

The ideal way to start is to attend an Intro Course. This course is designed to help you: 

  • Slowly build your practice over the course of 4-weeks. 
  • Modifications and progressions will be offered to best suit your current practice. 
  • Practice is customized to your level of ability. 
  • Feel free to ask questions. 
  • Feel supported by other students who are also new to Mysore.

Contact us or sign up for the mailing list (scroll down to the bottom of the page) if you would like to be notified about our next session.

Or just come to a Mysore class if the Intro class structure does not work for you. 

Introduce yourself to the instructor. The instructor will teach you everything you need to know for your first class. All subsequent classes will build on your previous experience and slowly you will build up to the entire primary series as strength, stamina, mobility, and focus are established. Variations and adjustments can be taught in order to make poses more accessible.

  • Mysore is traditionally practiced 6 days per week (less moon days).
  • Practice can include meditation and breathing exercises.
  • Practice can be modified to accommodate those with injuries.
  • Anyone can practice.

What to Expect:

Your first practice will be approximately 30 minutes long and over the course of a month of consistent practice (3x/wk or more) will lengthen to 1hr, and in some course of time will eventually be up to  90min – 2hrs long. It is highly encouraged to practice a minimum of three times per week to effectively build as well as to aid the memorization of the sequencing. 

What to Bring:

Bring a mat and suitable attire. There is a changing space. 

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